We handpick our clothes and accessories to ensure the quality, uniqueness, and style of the pieces we sell. In our second hand store, we aim to offer pieces people are currently searching for in terms of seasons and trends.

Before put on sale, all of our pieces are washed, repaired, and ironed according to their washing instructions. If any visible flaws remain, those are pictured and explained in detail.

The quality and overall state of a piece is rated with a maximum of 5/5 stars. We only sell pieces with a rating of 3/5 or above.

★★★★★ Perfect secondhand condition

★★★★ Minor flaws or signs of wear

★★★ A visible flaw


We believe modern fashion consumption is a combination of secondhand and carefully chosen new pieces. Offering great secondhand finds, we enable our customers to build unique wardrobes and to express themselves through sustainable fashion.